Stella’s Beach Vacation!

I made it my mission to take Stella to a dog beach this summer, and we succeeded. It was the best day of her life! Once the peak summer season ends midway through September, Delaware’s Dewey Beach welcomes dogs all day long…off-leash! We picked a day, and my sister met us there with Parker. The second Stella stepped paw on the sand, she lost it. She was so happy. She immediately started digging and rolling and digging and rolling. You … Continue reading

Stella’s Snow Boots

Stella absolutely loves playing in the snow, but it takes a toll on her paws. She has really hairy toes, and the snow tends to form ice balls around the hair and get wedged up in her paws. It’s painful for her when she’s out walking, so we have to stop and loosen them out. Once we get home, we have to melt the icicles out of her paws by the front door, or else she walks away and the … Continue reading

Stella’s Weekend Tales

2:30 PM Friday afternoon: I get a text message from David: Stella stepped in gum and it’s stuck in her toe hairs. Our amazing dog walker asked if he can use our almond butter to slather her paw and get it off. 5:50 AM Saturday morning: I roll over in bed. I open my eyes to peek at David. I stare into a pair of big, brown eyes. They’re not David’s. I gasp and jump back. Stella is curled up … Continue reading