Keurig-Brewed Passion Iced Tea

Last summer, I shared my method for cold-brewing Tazo’s tea bags to make an at-home cup of Starbucks’ passion iced tea. That method works just fine, but it takes quite a few hours to complete. I came home from walking Stella on a particularly muggy afternoon, and I knew that I needed a glass of it immediately. So I found a way to make passion tea even faster!

Unfortunately for some, this method is most efficient when made with a Keurig coffee maker, but I know that some of you clever people can improvise around that limitation. Get yourself the reusable coffee filter attachment for the Keurig. Take out a Tazo passion tea bag, and rip the tag off of the bag. Put the tea bag into the coffee filter’s mesh cup, and then put the mesh cup into the plastic container unit. Insert it into the Keurig.

Fill a tall glass with ice and put it under the Keurig. For my glasses, the smaller cup brew size fills it perfectly. Brew away. The dark red passion tea will cascade over the ice cubes releasing steam and delicious smells. The cubes will cool it into a refreshing concoction.

Stick a straw into your passion tea and give it a stir. Suck it all down and then make another!

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