Keurig-Brewed Passion Iced Tea

Last summer, I shared my method for cold-brewing Tazo’s tea bags to make an at-home cup of Starbucks’ passion iced tea. That method works just fine, but it takes quite a few hours to complete. I came home from walking Stella on a particularly muggy afternoon, and I knew that I needed a glass of it immediately. So I found a way to make passion tea even faster! Unfortunately for some, this method is most efficient when made with a … Continue reading

Starbucks-Style Passion Iced Tea

I love drinking Starbucks’ iced passion teas. But on days when I don’t feel like going to Starbucks or if I feel like drinking more of it than they sell in a serving, I can make my own. It is very easy, and it rewards me with refreshing hydration. Starbucks makes their tea from Tazo’s passion tea bags, so just buy a box of those. Then, fill a pitcher with water and add a few of the tea bags to it. … Continue reading