Nature at My Doorstep

Even though we live in a city, there is a surprising amount of nature around us. Some of it even knocks at our front window. I’ve written here before about a little mouse that was peeking in at me one day, and now I can share the squirrel that mooned me. This squirrel was really taking its life into its own paws by venturing to our window because Stella is frequently on guard at our windowsill. One day, there was a squirrel by the window, and I called to Stella to come and see it. “Look, Stella,” I shouted to her while pointing out the window. She saw that squirrel and scared it right away. The experience must have been very memorable to her because now, whenever I say the word “look,” she runs over to the same windowsill and puts her paws up to look out for the squirrel. It seems like she can distinguish individual words in my sentences because she’ll run over even if she hears me say look in the middle of a conversation with someone else. I always feel bad that I get her excited for no reason.

Besides the urban wildlife, there are also pretty plants to be found around. I saw this very vibrant bunch of leaves at the dog park, and it was framed perfectly in the shadows. I wonder what kind of insect nibbled through the leaves. Maybe a hungry caterpillar. I can’t wait to see what else pops up as the summer progresses. 

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