Stella’s Great Escape

One of the reasons we like our apartment is because Stella can sit on our wide windowsill and stare at the world outside. She is such a people watcher, that she stays very entertained all day. She is also a serious squirrel watcher, and she goes looney when one pops up outside the window. She barks and scratches and bites at the glass. All she wants is the squirrel. Once, a squirrel was looking in our window, and I called … Continue reading

Nature at My Doorstep

Even though we live in a city, there is a surprising amount of nature around us. Some of it even knocks at our front window. I’ve written here before about a little mouse that was peeking in at me one day, and now I can share the squirrel that mooned me. This squirrel was really taking its life into its own paws by venturing to our window because Stella is frequently on guard at our windowsill. One day, there was … Continue reading

Squirrely Stella

Stella’s Halloween costume is all ready for her! She is going to be her squirrely alter-ego, Nutella. This costume is very appropriate because Stella really has a lot in common with squirrels. In particular, Stella and squirrels both have very bushy tails, like to run, and like nuts. Stella’s favorite nuts are almonds, but she also has a thing for acorns. When she finds them on the sidewalk, she picks them up in her mouth and carries them down the … Continue reading