These Are a Few of My Favorite…Hair Things

Hot rollers. What a wonderful invention. How did I live before? I know. I lived with less voluminous hair. I “purchased” these hot rollers with my WestLaw points- another perk of graduating law school. Now, I’m OBSESSED with them. They are so easy to use. I find that my hair holds the curls best when it has naturally air dried. These rollers heat up in seconds and don’t take very long to put in. Once they cool, I pull them out and stare in awe at my hair. Blast with hairspray for some extended holding power, and it’s perfect.

They make me feel like a movie star, or a hair commercial star. I immediately alerted my sisters to this new discovery, and at least one of them has already seen the light. The only bad part about these rollers is that the whole case is kind of large, and I can’t imagine ever traveling without them. I need a bigger suitcase.

Dry shampoo is another one of my favorite recent hair discoveries after reading about it on beauty blogs for quite a while. My mom has always demonized dry shampoo, so I’ve never gone near it. On her wedding day, she accidentally sprayed some on her hair instead of hairspray, and she is still traumatized. I’ve seen her wedding pictures, and she looks beautiful in them. She really had nothing to worry about anyway because it was the 80s, and hair could only get so good! I opted for dry shampoo in a bottle after reading extensive reviews on Sephora. This one is the first I’ve tried, and I’m happy with it. Sprinkling some on can extend a blow out for another day, and the less heat my hair meets, the better.

Now, please, enlighten me. What are you favorite hair products that I’m obviously missing out on?

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These Are a Few of My Favorite…Hair Things — 7 Comments

  1. Hands down my favorite product is Bumble & Bumble Tonic. It’s basically a primer for your hair. I love it. It detangles and just prepares the hair for the drying/curling/flat-iron work.

    Tresemmé also has a spray dry shampoo which is good. Strong scent but tolerable.

    I’m in love with Karin Herzog skin products. Amazing.

    • I’ve been using a leave in conditioner that also happens to detangle. My life got so much easier! I always thought detangling was just for kids (or my knotty sisters). I’ll definitely have to check into those skin products too, thanks!

  2. I’ve been using hot rollers for years. For travel they make hot roller in a travel case much smaller but with all the extra rollers included.

  3. Good idea to make your hair curly and glamorous. a larger suitcase is a must for traveling with the hair curlors. I have no hair favorites just a few curlers after a shampoo will do the trick. So happy you are over the law classes. RELAX!

  4. I got a little travel hot rollers thing! It has 5 large and 5 medium rollers and clips and is about 6″x3″x3″. Lightweight and plugs in! I think my friend used to have one that plugged in to car cigarette lighter, or maybe that was a curling iron!

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