These are a Few of My Favorite…Birchbox Products!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many monthly subscription boxes out there, but here’s the one I love: Birchbox. Birchbox comes with 5 to 6 beauty products that can include hair accessories, creams, nail files, and snacks. I gave my bridesmaids subscriptions to Birchbox, and hearing what they received every month made me so jealous that I ordered Birchbox for myself! It was a wise decision, especially since Birchbox’s online store gives you $10 off for every $100 you spend- … Continue reading

These Are a Few of My Favorite…Hair Things

Hot rollers. What a wonderful invention. How did I live before? I know. I lived with less voluminous hair. I “purchased” these hot rollers with my WestLaw points- another perk of graduating law school. Now, I’m OBSESSED with them. They are so easy to use. I find that my hair holds the curls best when it has naturally air dried. These rollers heat up in seconds and don’t take very long to put in. Once they cool, I pull them … Continue reading