The Farm Grows On, and a Crazy Cat

My parents’ farm garden has grown so much since my last visit just a few weeks ago. It is lush and bountiful, but the harvest is just beginning. Real broccoli is growing! If you cut the broccoli stalk out of the middle of the plant, a new one will grow! Or so I’m told.

There are plenty of very sweet string beans too. They seem to appear overnight. The string beans are sweet and very crunchy. Perfect for a salad.

There are many different varieties of peppers growing on the farm, and they are definitely the most plentiful crop so far. I picked a big batch of jalapenos. I cut one up to make some guacamole for my sister, but touching the inside of the jalapeno made my thumb burn like crazy for at least 8 hours. I tried everything to make it go away (trust me, sour cream was involved), but nothing helped.

These sneaky cucumbers hide really well underneath their large leaves. I was searching and searching for cucumbers but couldn’t find any. Five minutes later, I practically stepped on a huge one! It was crisp and delicious, better than any cucumber from the supermarket.

Tiny eggplants are starting to grow too. They come out of beautiful, bell-shaped, purple flowers. The eggplants that grew last year were really delicious, so I have high hopes for these.

There is also a huge blackberry bush growing in my backyard. No one put it there. It just appeared, and it grows exponentially every year. It is taller than I am and full of thorns. Some of the berries are underripe, some are overripe, but the perfect ones are really perfect. They are very sweet, just warmer than body temperature, and they explode on the tongue. Summer bliss.

And now, I promised you a crazy cat. What happens when a crazy cat stands on her back legs?

She shoots up to the moon, never to be seen or heard from again.*

*Not really.

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The Farm Grows On, and a Crazy Cat — 5 Comments

  1. What a beautiful bounty – I love having a garden too! and everything is just beginning to pop for me. The kitty is so funny and reminds me of my own – she gets into everything, especially the grocery bags…

  2. I so envy you your garden. I live in Las Vegas and believe me it is too hot here now for a beautiful garden like yours to survive, although I do have to admit I am no gardener. But it would be wonderful to have all those fresh vegetables. The last time I bought a cucumber at the store was the last time ! It was so bitter and ruined the recipe ! We do have access to a small farmers market once a week but the temperatures right now even make that unpleasant.

    • I was just in Las Vegas. I haven’t decided whether I prefer your oppressive heat and non-existent breezes or DC’s humidity that makes my hair curl on contact. Let’s both move 🙂

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