Life Outside the Kitchen

I’ve been busy. Too busy to buy food, let alone to cook it and write about it. Instead of planning meals and recipes, I’ve been planning a rapidly approaching wedding! There are so many fun little details that I’ve been wanting to share with you, especially one Stella-related item, but I will have to wait just a few more weeks. Here are some cute pictures of her to whet your appetite.

On the food front, there are some standby items I’ve been turning to during this busy time (aside from take out). Roasted chicken is comforting no matter what is happening in life. Pumpkin pasta is wonderfully quick and easy to make, especially if you have leftover roasted chicken to use in it! Reheating frozen chana masala is also cinch when time is short. And now that it’s chestnut season, I have been roasting some almost every day. My snack rotation also includes a healthy dose of pomegranate, along with several less-healthy doses of kettle corn.

When I’m not improvising meals, assigning tables, or writing more emails than I care to count, you can find me traipsing around my apartment trying to break in a pair of very uncomfortable (but very pretty) wedding shoes. Or kissing Stella. Or smiling! Oh, and happy Hanukkah!!

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Life Outside the Kitchen — 2 Comments

  1. Happy Hankkah
    Congratulations on Your and David’s upcoming nuptuals!
    Always love the pix of your perfect Girl! I make your Man Pleasing Chicken every week and it always gets rave reviews!
    If all you did was post pix of Stella on your Blog, it would enough!! She is just that cute!

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