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It would be a huge lie to say that David and I had a DIY wedding, but we did take on a few projects that injected some extra personality into our event. I already told you about the Stella cardboard cut-out we used as a flip-book booth prop (the cut-out now graces our office wall). Now I share our much more ambitious project- putting together approximately 60 welcome bags for our out-of-town guests to receive upon their arrival at their respective hotels. First, we ordered these awesome customized tote bags from The Wedding Chicks.


Once we had the bags, it was time to hit Costco (and Amazon) where we got a selection of well-liked snacks and comfort items. Chips, Goldfish, apples, chocolates, granola bars, water bottles, gum, Motrin, and, because it was winter, hot chocolate, hand warmers, and cough drops. Stella loved investigating our enormous haul!


And then I got really ambitious and decided to make my favorite granola bar bites to include in each bag. Making the granola bars was as easy as it usually is (except for the enormous batch factor), but packaging them was a whole different battle.


I filled these cute little food bags with the granola bites. Then, I hole-punched a bunch of little cards I had made up, decoratively cut some festive ribbon pieces, and threaded the ribbon through the cards.


I tied the ribbon around the bags, and ta-dah! They looked very cute.


Loading up all of the bags was fun, but storing them in the apartment was not. The clutter made me nuts. And then, just before our guests began arriving in town, we loaded the bags into our car and ran them around to each hotel. These welcome bags caused me a lot of stress (which quickly dissipated once I got to see my friends and family and the weekend got underway), but they were really cute, and people seemed to appreciate them. And with that, let me ask: How does anyone put on a whole DIY wedding while remaining sane?!

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Wedding Welcome Bags — 8 Comments

  1. These welcome bags were a pleasant surprise! I couldn’t believe you put it all together yourself. Such an awesome idea and it really added a touch of love to everything! Miss you!

  2. It’s no wonder ur “Witty in the city”. This project was truly a witty one.
    Everything was well thought out and both tasty and useful. Still have some
    Remnants to remember this awesome affair. Ur family looked amazing and
    EVERYONE had a fantastic time. Iv seen beautiful brides in my time, but u—
    GORGEOUS!!! Not to leave out David & his family—both handsome &
    Can’t wait for a visit from u, David, and Stella. Hope ur arms r laden with
    Some “WITTY” goodies. Luv u lots, Mammy

  3. I am continually facinated by your many talents and clever ideas always completed , beautifully photographed and acompanied by cute remarks. I love to read everything you write.and enjoy everything you say. You are a bright star shining with love . I miss you and David.
    big hug,

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