Natural Intrigue in the BVI


I made some really cool discoveries that I’ve been meaning to tell you about. Apparently, the British Virgin Islands are very hospitable to one variety of populous cactus, even though it rains every single day. These particular cacti were my favorite, jutting off the top of the mountain to catch golden rays of sunset on their spines.


But forget the cactus, the real show stopper was this POMEGRANATE BUSH! I could not believe my eyes, really I could not. I have never seen actual pomegranates growing before! The pomegranates were still relatively small and unripe, but I would have loved to have picked one. I once grew pomegranate seeds in my apartment, and they did really well until Stella’s great rage of 2010 crushed them to death. Seeing this bush inspired me to give it another go, although I doubt a bush grown from seeds would fruit.

hermit crab

Another unexpected specimen living on the BVIs is wild hermit crabs. The crabs are so prolific that I had to watch my step for fear of crushing one. I had no idea that hermit crabs live naturally outside the confines of plastic containers on the Jersey boardwalk. These hermit crabs were much more active than the ones my sisters and I kept as pets. I have a likely-abnormal number of hermit crab stories I could share with you, so I’ll reveal one of the best.


My youngest sister was away at her first sleepover party, and me and my other sister were at home with our babysitter. We realized that our sister’s hermit crab, which had been the longest living, died. It was limp and lifeless, and its legs started falling off. We took the hermit crab to the backyard and buried it. While we were out there, we failed to hear the phone ringing- my sister threw up at her sleepover and needed to come home. She eventually walked in the door with our neighbor who had gone to get her. Let’s just say that it wasn’t her best day, and she is still complaining that we buried her crab without her.


I saw a large caterpillar on the island too. I don’t have any caterpillar stories, but I do have one about a corn worm. The end.

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Natural Intrigue in the BVI — 5 Comments

  1. Witty, I’m always glad to get your column. Also glad you are getting to see the World. Thank you for all the recipes. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

  2. Pam,
    I agree W/Ann Smith–glad you are seeing the world AND I have your Mama’s roast Chicken in the oven as I type…..(smells like heaven)! But, a pix of your Stella (anytime or always) would not be amiss! I look at your twitter pix of Stella any time you do one!!(last one, big ears, small waist-too cute:)). That Girl is the Cutest Girl on the planet!! I just can’t get enough of her!! Of course, your writing style when it comes to her (or anything in your posts) is so engaging, I am always intrigued to read and want more. It’s like one potato chip, I can’t just eat one……

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