An Unfinished Tale

Remember a while back when I told you how Stella busted out of her crate and killed all of our plants? Well, there is more to that story. And now that we’ve settled our tab on the old apartment, I feel comfortable telling it. So, Stella has separation anxiety. It is much, much better now, but it was really bad when we first got her. She used to drool all over herself when she was in her crate. And one day, she managed to escape from it. A Houdini pup.

She escaped out on to the balcony, and climbed on top of the chairs in an attempt to search for us below. In the process, she knocked over most of our plants and killed several of them. When David came home and found her out there, he thought she was suicidal! But that’s not all the mischief Stella had gotten up to.

She also tried to tunnel out from the other exits in our bedroom. She peeled back the carpeting and chewed up the foam underneath. Surprisingly, this patch went back into place fairly easily and looked okay for the rest of our time there. The carpeting by our other door, however, wasn’t so lucky.

Busted!! We had to cover it up with a door mat so we wouldn’t stick our feet on the spikes that held the carpet down. But who can stay mad at a little face like that?!?!

All photos by David.

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An Unfinished Tale — 4 Comments

  1. She looks like a darling little demon in that photo! We have two 80-pound German puppies (or ponies, as I like to call them) that are sisters — we’re experimenting on two at a time this time because we felt our Collie had been lonely while we were off doing things. They’ve never had separation anxiety, but they are a pill to train — the spacey one (we call her our “special needs” dog) won’t do anything until the clever one does it first; the clever one wonders why she has to do something when the spacey one doesn’t. We love ’em all, but it will always be something. 🙂 They don’t make life easier, they just make it fuller.

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