Philly-Style Soft Pretzels

In Philadelphia, soft pretzels are a significant and constant presence in life. Having grown up in that city, their delicious abundance forms the centerpiece of countless memories. Like of my neighbor who made deliveries at pretzel factories, where he would fill up his trunk with sheets of pretzels still warm from the oven. When the kids on my street saw his car pull into the driveway, we’d chant “Sam, Sam, the pretzel man” and run over for our delicious handout. Or … Continue reading

Trusty, Crusty Cornbread

Let me ask you a question, and be honest. Do I make you corny baby, yeah! Now that we’ve gotten the obvious out of the way…cornbread! In my quest to get away from box mixes, I’ve needed to find a good cornbread recipe for a long time. Instead of experimenting, I’ve just gone without. It’s been a sad time. But the kitchen powers that be had other plans for me and simultaneously brought cornmeal and a reliable recipe for cornbread … Continue reading

We’ve Got This in the Bag-uette!

I love bread, especially French baguettes. There is nothing better than walking into a Parisian bakery right after the baguettes come out of the oven (either early, early in the morning or a few hours before dinner time) and carrying home a still-warm baton, nibbling off the extra-crispy end. The crackly crust gives way to steaming, soft insides that are fluffy with small air pockets. And the flavor is just so unique–a taste not found in any other bread. So, … Continue reading