Savory Buckwheat Crêpes

Stereotypically, one of the best parts of living in Paris was getting to frequent the crêpe stands. Most of my crêpes were eaten late-night, on the way home from the bars. I’d sometimes snag a nutella-banana crêpe on Rue Mouffetard, but the savory crêpes around Odéon were the best. We visited a few sit-down crêpe restaurants as well, where all of the crêpes were served plated rather than folded and held by hand. The biggest difference between sweet and savory crêpes is … Continue reading

We’ve Got This in the Bag-uette!

I love bread, especially French baguettes. There is nothing better than walking into a Parisian bakery right after the baguettes come out of the oven (either early, early in the morning or a few hours before dinner time) and carrying home a still-warm baton, nibbling off the extra-crispy end. The crackly crust gives way to steaming, soft insides that are fluffy with small air pockets. And the flavor is just so unique–a taste not found in any other bread. So, … Continue reading

A Rewarding Glass of Wine

One of the greatest things about living in Paris was getting to explore France’s wonderful wines. I took a class on French wine while I was there, which was a wonderful decision even though the credits didn’t transfer back to my US college. I learned about the wine and champagne-making processes, the proper way to open and taste wines, and I was able to develop my palate by tasting several different wines each class. It was a wonderful time in … Continue reading