Raspberry Brie Phyllo Rolls

A few years ago, Trader Joe’s sold frozen packages of raspberry and brie rolled in phyllo dough. I was obsessed with them. I’d pop a few out of the freezer and bake them until they were crispy and gooey. I’d eat them as a bedtime snack with some hot tea. Side note: Are bedtime snacks normal? David doesn’t think so, but bedtime snacks are the best! Anyway, as with many of the products I come to love, Trader Joe’s stopped … Continue reading

Crispy, Double Coconut Chicken with Grilled Pineapple

I have a confession to make. I licked my plate, *shame.* Warm, sweet pineapple juice mixed with Thai chili sauce and crispy coconut bits was just too much for me to resist. When dinner is this tropical, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. I can’t wait to make it again! To make it, start by getting some thinly-sliced chicken breasts. You can buy the chicken thinly sliced, or you can cut regular chicken breasts in half horizontally. Salt and … Continue reading

Egg in the Basket

I love eggs in the basket- whole eggs cracked into a cut-out piece of toast and baked until it is golden. My mom always made them for me. My favorite part is eating the crispy crouton cut-out that bakes alongside the egg. It’s so good. Around Valentine’s Day, I saw a lot of blogs featuring heart-shaped eggs in the basket. They were so cute. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of that before. So I sliced a piece of … Continue reading