Bibimbap at Home!

I love bibimbap! I crave bibimbap! And now I can make it at home 🙂 Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish that can be served in a sizzling hot bowl. The bowl contains rice, meat, vegetables, and an egg, and it comes with a side of spicy red sauce. Pour the sauce into the bowl, mix everything together, let the rice crisp up, and that’s bibimbap. Believe it or not, I ate a considerable amount of bibimbap when I lived … Continue reading

Lavender Butter Cookies

I love butter cookies. I used to really love the butter cookies that came in the round, blue tin, but these are even better. These cookies are oomphed up with a subtle hit of lavender, and the texture is perfect too- they are wonderfully crisp with flaky insides. Crispy, flaky, buttery baked goods- seriously, I’m in heaven. Can someone come over and eat these for me? To make these cookies, grind up 1/2 tablespoon of lavender and 1/2 tablespoon of … Continue reading

Crispy Teriyaki Chicken

This teriyaki chicken recipe has been going around my mom’s group of friends, and they all love it. I decided to give it a try, and I love it too. For such a simple recipe, the chicken is really flavorful. Paired with a warm pineapple salsa, this chicken is a sure way to brighten up any day. To make this chicken, marinate some chicken breasts in teriyaki sauce for a few hours before you want to cook them. When you’re … Continue reading