Flourless Hazelnut and Chocolate Layer Cake

I was tasked with bringing dessert to this year’s Passover seder, and I racked my brain about what to make. Fruit and ice cream– too boring. A fruit crumble– nice, but fine for any time of year. Macarons– delicious, but more of a snack. Then I started thinking about macaron cakes and saw a fancy pistachio and strawberry recipe from LadurĂ©e- too time consuming. Then, I found this winner from Smitten Kitchen. Large macarons made from hazelnuts instead of almonds … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Orange Peel

My mom is a big fan of chocolate covered orange peels, so when I learned how to make them in my cooking class, I knew that I had to send her a batch. I had fun whipping them up- they are relatively simple to make, smell delicious, and are a nice variation on the kinds of recipes I usually make. I don’t particularly enjoy eating orange peels, but they came out pretty good. My mom was happy to receive them … Continue reading

Red Wine Poached Pears

Poached pears with ice cream are my new obsession. They are simple to make, delicious to eat, and they lend themselves to an infinite number of variations. Pears poached in spiced red wine are classic and perfect for the holiday season. I’ve had them three times this month: once in my cooking class, once from my friend at our Global Supper Club, and then I made them for Christmas Eve. These pears are the perfect dessert after a heavy meal, … Continue reading