Pumpkin Chicken Thighs: Back by Popular Demand!

I first posted about pumpkin chicken thighs after salvaging an unsuccessful attempt at pumpkin soup. The photos on that post are objectively horrendous, so I was puzzled when the recipe started gaining traction and popularity. I made the recipe again, and while it had potential, it wasn’t as good as I knew it could be. I took the post down because I wasn’t proud of it. And then people started asking for it back. So I set out to right … Continue reading

Bacon-Wrapped Banana Bombs

I spent another wonderful Thanksgiving in Jamaica, relaxing with my family. The weather wasn’t the best this time around, but a little bit of sun peeked out right before our flight home. I didn’t want to waste those rays inside the hotel’s buffet, so I asked David to bring some fruit for me to eat by the pool. He and my sister kindly appeared by my lounge chair after breakfast, David bearing a bowl of beautiful fruit, and my sister holding a … Continue reading

Popover Perfection

These billowing, golden beauties are as delicious as they are photogenic. They remind me of a hybrid between a sugar doughnut and a cream puff: crisp on the outside, airy on the inside. What’s even more amazing is that these popovers are incredibly easy to make. The batter whizzes together in a blender, just like when making crêpes. Even better, this dessert comes with a show! Turn the light on in your oven, and watch these babies rise, rise, rise. … Continue reading