Bacon-Wrapped Banana Bombs

I spent another wonderful Thanksgiving in Jamaica, relaxing with my family. The weather wasn’t the best this time around, but a little bit of sun peeked out right before our flight home. I didn’t want to waste those rays inside the hotel’s buffet, so I asked David to bring some fruit for me to eat by the pool. He and my sister kindly appeared by my lounge chair after breakfast, David bearing a bowl of beautiful fruit, and my sister holding a … Continue reading

Breakfast Crack: Maple Glazed Bacon

This bacon is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. The bacon, dunked in a mixture of maple syrup and cayenne pepper, gets baked until it is crispy and candied– I just don’t have the adjectives to do it justice. I first made it intending to grill the bacon, but an unexpected thunderstorm forced me to use the oven instead, and I’m telling you, it was divine intervention. I made the bacon a second time for David, and … Continue reading

Delicious Squash Pasta

This delicious squash pasta recipe has been hibernating in my recipes folder since I invented it on October 1, 2010. I have not made it again since then, not because it isn’t wonderful and delicious, but because I’ve been waiting for three of its ingredients to appear in my kitchen concurrently. Those ingredients are: (1) butternut squash, seasonal; (2) turkey bacon, must drive to the supermarket that sells my preferred brand; and (3) pine nuts, scarce in my pantry because … Continue reading