Chicken Parmesan Pizza

If you’re a chicken parmesan lover, then you are going to go wild for this pizza. You’re going to go even crazier once you realize how much easier it is to make than normal chicken parmesan. In my house, David is the chicken parmesan lover, and I’m the grinch who rarely feels like cooking it. But I can throw this pizza together in less than 10 minutes using leftover chicken, and David gets giddy with excitement. I really enjoy eating … Continue reading

Asian-Style Salmon en Papillote

Welcome to Witty in the City’s first ever fish recipe!! As you may know, I have wanted to like salmon for a long time, and my wishes finally came true! My friend and I ordered a salmon dish from my current favorite restaurant of all time, Estadio, and the fish was incredible! The skin was thick and crispy, and the salmon was cooked medium-rare. The bright pink flesh of that salmon was a gateway drug! With no experience cooking fish, … Continue reading

Crusty Cranberry Walnut Bread

I’ve had a hankering for cranberry walnut bread since I ate a delicious slice out of Le Diplomate’s bread basket. My requests to buy a loaf were rejected, and I immediately began scheming up how to bake my own. But I never imagined that it would be this easy. Really, baking this utterly delicious and impressive loaf of bread required practically no work, other than exercising my patience muscle. But when it comes to eating this bread, I’ll gladly exercise my … Continue reading