Hot Cider: Spiced and Spiked

In January, I posted a recipe for apple cider cocktails that are delicious, but served over ice. After the most recent cold front moved in, I’ve been craving something warmer. I didn’t see a reason to concoct a new version, especially because apple cider is so frequently served warm. So I undid the twist in the first recipe to create an equally delicious but more soothing winter brew. To make it, heat 1 cup of apple cider. While the cider … Continue reading

Crispiest, Crunchiest Brussels Sprouts

This recipe makes my favorite brussels sprouts of all time! Around the time of the great apple haul of 2013, I dined at Zentan and ate the best brussels sprouts I had ever encountered. The brussels sprouts were peeled down into their individual leaves, likely flash fried, and served bejeweled with thin slices of spicy red peppers. They were so incredible that we placed a second order for them and noticed other tables doing the same. I HAD to recreate … Continue reading