Sturdy Italian Plum Cake

I got a container of very ripe Italian plums in a delivery of mystery vegetables (and apparently some fruit). They were smaller and more oblong than regular plums, and even though they were ripe, they weren’t very juicy or sweet. They seem to be common during the fall harvest, so there’s a chance you might still find them around. A little research revealed that the plums are best for baking, and I heartily agree. Their juices and sweetness concentrate, but … Continue reading

Pumpkin-Mango Cake

Pumpkin and mango – two of my favorite things – shouldn’t normally go together. But paired in this spiced cake, they are so delicious. The mango is the subtle star, sweet and meltingly soft. If you’ve had honey cake (hopefully smeared with cream cheese), you’ll have an idea of what this one tastes like. But this version, tall and crowned with mango slices, will be the show stopper on your fall table. To make it, In a large bowl, whisk … Continue reading

Pumpkin Cheesecake in Phyllo

Three bourbon pumpkin cheesecakes wrapped in crispy, phyllo dough purses, drizzled with bourbon salted caramel and topped with pumpkin seeds. It’s not quite what you imagine when you order “pumpkin cheesecake” off of a menu, but it’s similar to what Blue Duck Tavern brought to my table several years ago when I did just that. I was astounded. It was the best cheesecake dessert I had ever eaten, and despite being absolutely stuffed from my meal and intending to share … Continue reading