Susana’s Gazpacho

One of my wonderful friends, Liz, gave me the sweetest gift. She handmade a whimsical recipe book, and she included recipes from some of the people I love. One of the recipes was for this gazpacho, courtesy of my friend, Susana. Gazpacho is served cold, and it makes a nice treat during the summer. If you need a cute appetizer for a party, consider serving this gazpacho in shot glasses with a grilled shrimp balanced on each glass’ rim. This … Continue reading

Summer, Season of Happiness

Despite studying feverishly for the bar exam, this summer has been off to a wonderful start. It has been punctuated by adventurous meals, easy times with friends that cause the hours to slip away unnoticed, and beautiful moments with my little pack. Even though I have hours of memorization and practice to do each day, waking up is easier knowing that I have one of these special activities slotted into my schedule. But if there’s more than one, then I’ll … Continue reading

Comté and Pear Phyllo Triangles

I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I love Comté. Comté is a hard, cow’s milk cheese that is made in France. It has a very nutty and mild flavor that is similar to gruyère. I really can’t get enough Comté, even though it’s hard to find a really delicious piece in the US. In Paris, I ate far too many dinners of Comté, fresh baguette, and wine. I think it’s why my pants stopped fitting. David Lebovitz has … Continue reading