Warming Miso Soup

One of my favorite rituals in Japan was beginning each meal with a small bowl of miso soup. Especially when served with breakfast, the elixir had a special way of warming and opening up my chest, getting me ready for the day. It was the best feeling. Miso soup was never served with a spoon, just chopsticks. To get the broth, you’d lift the bowl to your lips and sip. The whole time we were in Japan, I was excited … Continue reading

Signs of Spring: Asparagus Soup

Amid the winter that never ends, this asparagus soup is our first sign of spring! In Europe, asparagus truly ushers in the spring season. Once the asparagus sprouts, it is EVERYWHERE! Even growing inside of restaurants in Munich! And it is so delicious. When I was studying in Paris, my friends and I did some traveling at the start of spring, and we had the privilege of sampling asparagus in many countries. Germany and Switzerland definitely had the best offerings. … Continue reading

Tomato Soup with Lemon Oil

David and I spent the end of December skiing in Colorado (It was my first time!), which gave us a great excuse to eat a lot of delicious food…we needed fuel to face the mountain! I wasn’t expecting much when David ordered a seemingly simple tomato soup from an Italian restaurant, but the soup turned out to pack a flavorful punch. It was topped with a drizzle of lemon oil! I really enjoy using flavored oils, but I never would … Continue reading