Jewish Apple Cake

My mom makes the best Jewish apple cake, and she gave me her recipe. Jewish apple cake is sweet, slightly dense, and it makes a great snack. It is perfect during the High Holidays or any other time of year. And the smell when it’s baking is just… divine. To make this cake, peel, core, and thinly slice 4 apples. My mom uses one of those contraptions that makes curly fries to cut up her apples, but a good old … Continue reading

Crispy Potatoes in a Foil Pouch

My mom makes these very fun crispy potatoes in a tin foil pouch that she cooks on the grill. Everyone gets their own little (or big) packet, and everyone loves them. Especially me. Crispy potatoes make the world go round. The potatoes are seasoned with onion soup mix packets, so they are pretty easy to make. If you have an aversion to mixes, this might be a good time to get over it. Or find a way to snag a … Continue reading

My Mama’s Savory Braised Brisket

This wonderfully savory and tender brisket was unplanned. I was browsing the aisles at Trader Joe’s and realized that they stock a much larger selection of meats than I’d ever noticed before. I saw lamb legs, pork loins, all types of roasts, and then I saw it. A brisket. Into my cart it went, mostly out of nostalgia but also because I’ve been wanting to cook a big hunk of beef. I immediately called my mom to share my discovery … Continue reading