Magnificent Meat Sauce: New and Improved

Winter is a tough time for blogging, because the days are shorter, and food doesn’t look so great in photographs without sunlight. So I can either take pictures using a flash and hope that some really delicious recipes get the attention they deserve (like these ribs), or I can hold off and plan to remake a recipe on a sunnier day, with the risk that you might never learn about it (like a fantastic winter salad I haven’t gotten back … Continue reading

Magnificent Meat Sauce with Pasta

This meat sauce is so flavorful and versatile. Just wait until you see how many different recipes I am working it into! This is my first time ever cooking ground meat on my own, so I am very proud to have made something really delicious using a recipe that I will return to again and again. For this rendition, the meat sauce is served simply over pasta with some basil and parmesan cheese. It is so good. This recipe makes … Continue reading

Summer Minestrone Soup

I make variations of this soup for all seasons, and this one is perfect for summer. It’s light, healthy, and loaded with vegetables. The only problem is its name… I never know how to pronounce minestrone. Is it mine-strone or mine-stroney? Well, it’s delicious no matter what it’s called. And it’s also very flexible- you can make this soup a hundred different ways all depending on what ingredients you have available. The secret to making a great soup is to … Continue reading