Spring, Glorious Spring

Spring is my favorite season. It never seems to last long enough because it straddles a very fine line between too hot and too cold. For me, spring is a comfortable jeans and t-shirt day. Jackets not required. DC has been lucky enough to have quite a few of those days so far, although several others have already been way too warm. I love seeing the grass and trees and flowers bounce back to life. Yellow daffodils on the hillsides, … Continue reading

Watercolors in the Kitchen

Cooking with fresh ingredients is so wonderful because they are tasty, healthy, and absolutely beautiful. I love it when food becomes art. But food art is especially pretty when its colors are bright, vivid, and semi-transparent. After scanning through pictures from the past few months, I found some images that have really pretty watercolor effects. I love watercolors and their ethereal whimsy. I’m not the best at painting with them, so its nice that my food manages to ooze them … Continue reading

Grapefruit Brulée

Broiled grapefruits are wonderful. There used to be a restaurant near my house that did them best. The cinnamon sugar crust on top of the grapefruit was thick, and had to be whack-crack-cracked with a spoon. Such a treat. Through trial and error, I’ve done my best to recreate that wonderful and marginally healthy delight at home. Caramelized sugar on top of a grapefruit is heavenly, but it can take an already sweet grapefruit over the top. Use a slightly … Continue reading