Thai Shrimp and Grapefruit Salad

This salad is awesome. It is refreshing but filling and features complex Thai flavors that balance sweet, sour, savory, and spicy. Even better are the many different components that keep each bite of salad varied and interesting. This salad is more commonly made with pomelo and crab, but I prefer shrimp because it provides a more substantial texture. I ate this salad as a main course, but a smaller portion would also make a nice appetizer. It’s a really delicious … Continue reading

Grapefruit Brulée

Broiled grapefruits are wonderful. There used to be a restaurant near my house that did them best. The cinnamon sugar crust on top of the grapefruit was thick, and had to be whack-crack-cracked with a spoon. Such a treat. Through trial and error, I’ve done my best to recreate that wonderful and marginally healthy delight at home. Caramelized sugar on top of a grapefruit is heavenly, but it can take an already sweet grapefruit over the top. Use a slightly … Continue reading

The Gift that Keeps on Giving (after 2 years)- An Orange Tree!

When I was in Paris, I noticed that a lot of people had the cutest little orange trees in their windows. I wanted one badly. I thought it would look perfect in a kitchen with white marble countertops and sunlight streaming in through the windows. I didn’t have a kitchen at the time or anywhere else to keep a cute little orange tree. So instead, I bought one for my mom for Mother’s Day. Mistake. I ordered it online and … Continue reading