Crab, Dill, and Dijon Quiche

I’ve been dreaming up this quiche flavor combination for quite a while, and my brainstorming paid off in deliciousness. Crab, dill, and dijon mustard marry into an intriguing but relatively light quiche filling, especially when compared to a quiche lorraine. The jumbo lumps of crab meat that peek out from the top of the quiche custard are show stoppers, and an optional avocado array provides a hit of color and added creaminess. I love this quiche so much that I … Continue reading

Legitimate Quiche Lorraine

I have made quiche many times. It is wonderful. But then I made quiche at my cooking class, and I realized that I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. While my old quiche was good- eggy and cheesy- it was nothing like the creamy, luscious quiche that this method makes. One bite, and I knew that it is what quiche was meant to be. Even if you think you’ve had a proper quiche, make this one just to be … Continue reading


Ready for another French treat? How about some quiche? Yes, please! Quiche is great because you can eat it for any meal of the day, or even as a snack. And you can make infinite varieties of quiche depending on what fillings you include. I put onion, broccoli, and asparagus into my quiche, but mushrooms, bacon, ham, peppers, and any other omelette filling are always delicious. You can make your quiche using either homemade or store-bought pie crust, but either … Continue reading