Pumpkin-Mango Cake

Pumpkin and mango – two of my favorite things – shouldn’t normally go together. But paired in this spiced cake, they are so delicious. The mango is the subtle star, sweet and meltingly soft. If you’ve had honey cake (hopefully smeared with cream cheese), you’ll have an idea of what this one tastes like. But this version, tall and crowned with mango slices, will be the show stopper on your fall table. To make it, In a large bowl, whisk … Continue reading

Crab, Dill, and Dijon Quiche

I’ve been dreaming up this quiche flavor combination for quite a while, and my brainstorming paid off in deliciousness. Crab, dill, and dijon mustard marry into an intriguing but relatively light quiche filling, especially when compared to a quiche lorraine. The jumbo lumps of crab meat that peek out from the top of the quiche custard are show stoppers, and an optional avocado array provides a hit of color and added creaminess. I love this quiche so much that I … Continue reading

Pasta Carbonara with Ham, Lemon, and Leeks

I love pasta carbonara (I love almost anything with eggs), but I was sure that this dish’s egg sauce would gross David out. Surprise, he loved it! I guess lots of ham is a powerful thing. The leeks and lemon also add a very unique flavor that differentiates this dish from your typical carbonara. To make this pasta, start by cooking 3/4 pound of orecchiette or the pasta of your choice al dente. While it cooks, dice 6 or more … Continue reading