Savory Popovers

These pretty popovers are aromatic and addictive, flavored with nutmeg, black pepper, and parsley. They go perfectly with a fresh, green salad because they pack a tasty punch and are quite filling. Because the popovers are dense, I recommend making them in a mini muffin tin so that they are more snackable. However, I baked them in both a standard size popover pan and a regular muffin tin for comparison’s sake. To make these popovers, preheat your oven to 425º … Continue reading

Crispy Cracked Potatoes

I ate the most wonderful baby potatoes at Graffiato. They were tiny, cracked, crispy, tossed with parmesan cheese and spiked with lemon. They were one of the best things we ordered that night. Once my hunger for them struck again, I knew that I had to recreate them. Although I deduce Graffiato’s potatoes to be deep fried, this version is baked to make the potatoes a little bit easier to cook and a little bit healthier. These potatoes are a … Continue reading

Simple Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have a clear purpose in my life; they help me eat delicious gravies and sauces. These mashed potatoes aren’t anything special on their own, but when they’re loaded with boeuf bouguignon or short ribs, they turn magical. They do a great job absorbing the flavors around them and holding together so the savory stews can travel from plate to fork to mouth. It’s time for these potatoes to get the credit they deserve! To make them, boil 3 … Continue reading