Chocolate Covered Orange Peel

My mom is a big fan of chocolate covered orange peels, so when I learned how to make them in my cooking class, I knew that I had to send her a batch. I had fun whipping them up- they are relatively simple to make, smell delicious, and are a nice variation on the kinds of recipes I usually make. I don’t particularly enjoy eating orange peels, but they came out pretty good. My mom was happy to receive them … Continue reading

Funky Finger Food: Wonton Mozzarella Sticks

Back when Georgetown had a chance at winning the NCAA tournament, my very fun office had lunch at a local sports bar to watch them play. Someone ordered cheese sticks, which turned out to be mozzarella sticks in spring roll wrappers. I was inspired! My wonton version with marinara dipping sauce is fantastic and crave-worthy. Five people wolfed down this plate in record speed! To make these bite-size beauties for yourself, get a package of wonton wrappers and a log … Continue reading

Mushroom and Ginger Wontons

One of our favorite restaurants, Bangkok Joe’s, has the most delicious dumplings I’ve ever eaten. The first mushrooms I ever liked were in their mushroom and ginger dumplings. They were so flavorful and unique that they insisted on being enjoyed. When I had some wonton wrappers and mushrooms hanging around in my fridge, I decided to make my own version. And while different, these wontons are quite delicious in their own way. To make them, finely dice 1 pint of … Continue reading