My Inspiration Book


Call me old-fashioned in the age of Pinterest, but I have an inspiration book. Yes, a book that requires scissors and glue! While I think Pinterest is an incredible resource, the sheer volume of inspiration it houses is overwhelming, and I have a hard time turning my attention to any one idea. I prefer my book because finding inspiration to clip and include in it is very satisfying. Whenever I am reading a magazine or a catalogue, I pay extra attention and search for anything that really speaks to me. The ritual of sitting down, cutting it out, applying double-sided tape, and finding the appropriate page in my book where the image can shine feels peaceful and productive.


The book I use is a simple hard-bound with more blank pages than I could ever dream of filling. In addition to inspiring me with ideas I can use, it also serves as a talking piece for guests. I keep it in my coffee table with other conversation-starting books- a few photo albums, wedding flip books, and the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (of course).


The images I collect tend towards the whimsical, and some of them represent design ideas for future homes, while others just give me a feeling of happiness. I love these glowing chandeliers inside of birdcages from the Pottery Barn catalogue. They are so romantic, but also remind me of a classed-u