Baby Rue Takes a Dip

Baby Rue Takes a Dip

I had a feeling that Rue would be a water dog. She started digging in her water bowl and almost jumped into a fountain. Her hair seems to repel water. And her toes are kind of webbed. She is very different from Stella, who tries to keep her feet dry at all times, whose hair frizzes in the slightest humidity, and whose toes are tufted with wild hair. We were surprised when Rue was hesitant about walking too deeply into a creek, and we were even more surprised when Stella tried to coax her in. Rue thanked Stella by jumping on her head and dunking her entire body under water, turning her into the most adorable looking drowned rat.

Baby Rue Takes a Dip

What really got Rue swimming though was having something to fetch. We started with a bottle cap and quickly upgraded to the entire water bottle. Her first few attempts were frenzied and full of splashes. But she very quickly found her groove and a love of the water. She would race into the creek after the bottle, leaving a wake behind her.

Baby Rue Takes a Dip

She’d grab it between her powerful jaws, and turn to swim it back in. I loved how she put her ears back, maybe to keep them dry, or maybe to help her swim a little faster.

Baby Rue Takes a Dip

When she reached the shore, she was SO proud of herself. This shy little doggy is getting more and more confident every day. Stella was very proud too- Rue is so lucky to have gotten the most patient big sister.

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Here’s a little video of Rue in action. We can’t wait for her next adventure!

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Baby Rue Takes a Dip — 2 Comments

  1. Rue is a lucky puppy to have understanding parents and a caring big sister. There does not appear to be any jealousy. I am sure they are both happy. I am glad to have seen them.

  2. What lucky doggies! They’ve got the best home. Don’t know what kind of back-
    Round Rue comes from to have made her such a “water dog”. Wish I could swim
    Like her—-or like anybody for that matter. Continue to get much pleasure from
    These lovely ladies.

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