Baby Rue Takes a Dip

I had a feeling that Rue would be a water dog. She started digging in her water bowl and almost jumped into a fountain. Her hair seems to repel water. And her toes are kind of webbed. She is very different from Stella, who tries to keep her feet dry at all times, whose hair frizzes in the slightest humidity, and whose toes are tufted with wild hair. We were surprised when Rue was hesitant about walking too deeply into … Continue reading

Cultured in Kyoto

Spend a few days in Kyoto, and you’ll be exhausted but enriched. There are TOO many sights to see, most of which fall into the temples and gardens category. Most of these attractions surround the edges of the city, which makes it difficult to sightsee efficiently. The contrast between the lush temple areas and the low-rise city is stark, but there is beauty to be found in central locations too, particularly the sprawling shopping arcades, which are best saved for … Continue reading

Stella the Lotus Flower

After 9 years in DC, we are still finding fun things to do. The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens are well worth a visit and serve as another reminder of how easy it is to enjoy nature within the city limits. We took Stella over there on a surprisingly mild summer day to walk around the expansive marshland, admire the lily pads, and sniff out some wildlife. She wasted no time making herself at home- rolling around in the mud and sporting … Continue reading