Baby Rue Takes a Dip

I had a feeling that Rue would be a water dog. She started digging in her water bowl and almost jumped into a fountain. Her hair seems to repel water. And her toes are kind of webbed. She is very different from Stella, who tries to keep her feet dry at all times, whose hair frizzes in the slightest humidity, and whose toes are tufted with wild hair. We were surprised when Rue was hesitant about walking too deeply into … Continue reading

The Power of Dogs, and Craft Kombucha

The best way to make a bunch of amazing friends is to get a dog. As soon as we got Stella, our social circle expanded in the most wonderful ways. The friends we met in the dog park that first summer have stuck with us ever since, to the point where I really need to stop calling them my dog park friends. Especially now that we spend most of our time together in other places, and usually without our dogs … Continue reading

Stella and Parker: Rumble Cousins

Meet Parker, Stella’s rambunctious new cousin. They met for the first time and really hit it off. They ran, wrestled, chewed on toys, and chewed on each other. Although Stella enforced a lot of rules, she knew when to roll over and let Parker have his way with her. Stella usually wolfs down her food when other dogs have access to it, but not with Parker. She let him help himself, even if she did look at me with pleading … Continue reading