Bacon-Wrapped Banana Bombs

I spent another wonderful Thanksgiving in Jamaica, relaxing with my family. The weather wasn’t the best this time around, but a little bit of sun peeked out right before our flight home. I didn’t want to waste those rays inside the hotel’s buffet, so I asked David to bring some fruit for me to eat by the pool. He and my sister kindly appeared by my lounge chair after breakfast, David bearing a bowl of beautiful fruit, and my sister holding a … Continue reading

Nutella-Banana Crêpes

Have you eaten your fill of savory crêpes yet? I certainly have, so it’s time for dessert. My favorite sweet crêpe filling is a classic: melty Nutella and warm rounds of sweet banana. My favorite Nutella-banana crêpe maker in Paris had a fancy way of slicing the bananas in the blink of an eye. He’d pull back a section of the banana peel and use a paring knife to deftly cut the banana into coins, all while it remained in … Continue reading

A Banana Bread for My Sweet Tooth

I’ve been trying to find a great banana bread recipe for a long time. I used to use the boxed mix from Trader Joe’s, but I’ve known for quite a while that I have to step up my game. I’ve tried a few different recipes, but none of them gave me the right results… until now. This banana bread is moist on the inside but crisp and chewy around the edges. The banana flavor is just right, and the chocolate … Continue reading