A Banana Bread for My Sweet Tooth

I’ve been trying to find a great banana bread recipe for a long time. I used to use the boxed mix from Trader Joe’s, but I’ve known for quite a while that I have to step up my game. I’ve tried a few different recipes, but none of them gave me the right results… until now. This banana bread is moist on the inside but crisp and chewy around the edges. The banana flavor is just right, and the chocolate … Continue reading

Party Bread

I came across the idea to make pull-apart bread online, and I instantly knew that it was an easy way to recreate the delicious “special” bread from an Italian restaurant back home. Their bread has cheese, long hot peppers, olives, and meat baked into it to create a delicious pre-meal feast. Here is a shortcut to that wonder: Buy an already-baked loaf of bread, cut it open, stuff it with goodness, and heat it until it’s gooey. To make a … Continue reading

Great Snack: Baby Brie

Trader Joe’s has a lot of hidden gems, and these baby brie wheels are one of them. They come individually wrapped in a package of 6 or so. They are great for individual cheese servings because you never have to cut into a whole wedge of brie when you just want a little taste. And they have a very long expiration date, which is always fabulous. I find small things to be generally cute, and this cheese is no exception. One … Continue reading