Flourless Hazelnut and Chocolate Layer Cake

I was tasked with bringing dessert to this year’s Passover seder, and I racked my brain about what to make. Fruit and ice cream– too boring. A fruit crumble– nice, but fine for any time of year. Macarons– delicious, but more of a snack. Then I started thinking about macaron cakes and saw a fancy pistachio and strawberry recipe from Ladurée- too time consuming. Then, I found this winner from Smitten Kitchen. Large macarons made from hazelnuts instead of almonds … Continue reading

Apple Cake Muffins

Another way to use up some apples! I love a good Jewish apple cake, but my mom inspired me to make individual apple cake muffins after describing the ones she gets at a local deli. I fiddled with my apple cake recipe to end up with a muffin that is evenly flavored and not too eggy. This iteration is perfect for breakfast, dessert, or a mid-day pick-me-up. And did you check out my muffin top?! It’s a thing of glory! … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pinwheel Cake

If you know me at all, then you should know that I love all things cream cheese. And if you know my mom at all, then you should know that she has ZERO tolerance for following finicky directions. So when she made this pumpkin and cream cheese pinwheel cake and sent me a picture, I drooled. But when she proceeded to make three more cakes to satisfy everyone who clamored for a slice, I was in awe. Upon her urging, … Continue reading