Miso Pumpkin Chicken Thighs

While I was brainstorming ways to revise the recipe for pumpkin chicken thighs, I came up with a savorier flavor combination- miso, pumpkin, and honey. This trifecta is a complete umami extravaganza. The flavor is very comparable to Man-Pleasing Chicken. So, for everyone who wrote in asking whether they would like Man-Pleasing Chicken even though they don’t like mustard or maple syrup (the two key ingredients), my answer remains…yes, I still think you would. But if you don’t want to … Continue reading

Pumpkin Chicken Thighs: Back by Popular Demand!

I first posted about pumpkin chicken thighs after salvaging an unsuccessful attempt at pumpkin soup. The photos on that post are objectively horrendous, so I was puzzled when the recipe started gaining traction and popularity. I made the recipe again, and while it had potential, it wasn’t as good as I knew it could be. I took the post down because I wasn’t proud of it. And then people started asking for it back. So I set out to right … Continue reading

Pumpkin Parmesan Ravioli

I must apologize to my pumpkin-heads; I have waited far too long to tell you about pumpkin ravioli. I generally find ravioli to be a huge pain to make, but it is so delicious that cravings drive me to devote an afternoon to it here and there. As far as ravioli fillings go, pumpkin is one of the easiest– and the most seasonal. Here, it’s silky smooth, laced with parmesan cheese, and delicately encased inside of fresh, paper-thin pasta. If … Continue reading