My Dad’s Favorite Carrot Cake

For quite a while, I spent a lot of time on Amtrak commuting between Philly and DC. I spent those luxurious hours listening to podcasts and reading cooking magazines. When I came upon a recipe for the “best carrot cake,” I dogeared the page and resolved to bake the cake for father’s day. My dad loves this one particular carrot cake from a diner in Philadelphia, with shaved chocolate around the outside, cream cheese icing, and cute orange carrots made … Continue reading

Pumpkin-Mango Cake

Pumpkin and mango – two of my favorite things – shouldn’t normally go together. But paired in this spiced cake, they are so delicious. The mango is the subtle star, sweet and meltingly soft. If you’ve had honey cake (hopefully smeared with cream cheese), you’ll have an idea of what this one tastes like. But this version, tall and crowned with mango slices, will be the show stopper on your fall table. To make it, In a large bowl, whisk … Continue reading

Chocolate Cake for the Soul

This chocolate cake is a feast for the eyes and soul. It is easily the most delicious cake I’ve ever made. I don’t profess to be a baker- the recipe came nearly perfected from Smitten Kitchen, where I saw this cake posted but never intended to make it. But then I was at home with my mom while she was recovering from surgery, and about 3 hours after she was home from the hospital, she requested chocolate cake. A sure … Continue reading