Crusty Dijon Chicken with Fennel Salad

This thin and crispy chicken reminds me of an amped-up schnitzel: its perfectly golden crust is spiked with mustard, lemon, and oregano. The combination pairs wonderfully with a fennel salad tossed in dijon dressing, but the salad and chicken could each shine individually as well. I zeroed in on this recipe in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook after I was at a complete loss for cooking inspiration after a spate of Thai dishes. This recipe kicked me back into gear. After … Continue reading

Taste of Thai: Massaman Chicken Curry

When David and I visited Thailand last year, we learned how to make massaman chicken curry in a cooking class. It was so delicious! I bought some massaman curry paste in the airport on our way home with some of our excess Thai Baht, but I promptly lost the curry paste once we returned home. While packing for our recent move, I unearthed the curry paste and counted the hours until I could finally make the fabulous curry in our … Continue reading

Essential Chicken Stock

If you don’t routinely make chicken stock, you should think about picking up the habit. Chicken stock is an essential component of so many recipes, but so many packaged chicken stocks have a strange flavor that shows up in any recipe they go into. When you make your own chicken stock, you can control the ingredients that go into it and impact its final, ideally neutral, flavor. Making chicken stock is also a great way to minimize waste. Every time … Continue reading