Crusty Dijon Chicken with Fennel Salad

This thin and crispy chicken reminds me of an amped-up schnitzel: its perfectly golden crust is spiked with mustard, lemon, and oregano. The combination pairs wonderfully with a fennel salad tossed in dijon dressing, but the salad and chicken could each shine individually as well. I zeroed in on this recipe in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook after I was at a complete loss for cooking inspiration after a spate of Thai dishes. This recipe kicked me back into gear. After … Continue reading

Taste of Thai: Massaman Chicken Curry

When David and I visited Thailand last year, we learned how to make massaman chicken curry in a cooking class. It was so delicious! I bought some massaman curry paste in the airport on our way home with some of our excess Thai Baht, but I promptly lost the curry paste once we returned home. While packing for our recent move, I unearthed the curry paste and counted the hours until I could finally make the fabulous curry in our … Continue reading