Blue Crab from the Barge

I have always loved eating crabs. I remember sitting in a restaurant as a 7-year-old downing all-you-can-eat dungeness crab legs to a fatigued waitress’ surprise. My Aunt Rocki and Uncle Joe make the most delicious crabs too, and I’ve spent many hours battling through cuts burning with Old Bay just to dig out one more morsel of meat. Crab legs were also a delicious New Year’s Day tradition at my grandma’s house. For years after moving away from home, I … Continue reading

Get Crabby

This has been the summer of the crab. There has been hammering and cracking galore. My friend got a bushel of crabs to celebrate his birthday- my new birthday celebration of choice. We had everything you need for crabs: mallets, beer, good friends, and extra Old Bay. It turns out that a bushel of crabs is a feast. According to the Internet, a bushel can hold 5 to 7 dozen crabs. We we ready to dig in! We spread out … Continue reading