The Power of Dogs, and Craft Kombucha

The best way to make a bunch of amazing friends is to get a dog. As soon as we got Stella, our social circle expanded in the most wonderful ways. The friends we met in the dog park that first summer have stuck with us ever since, to the point where I really need to stop calling them my dog park friends. Especially now that we spend most of our time together in other places, and usually without our dogs … Continue reading

String Bean Tempura and Global Supper Club: Japan Edition

I grew up eating string bean tempura. For as long as I can remember, my whole family would meet for dinner at a hibachi restaurant, where the meal has remained consistent for, quite literally, my lifetime. First comes hot hand towels, followed in succession by soup, salad, shrimp and string bean tempura, the hibachi meal, and then the best vanilla bean ice cream, which my uncle would routinely melt into ice cream soup on the still-hot cooktop. For all of … Continue reading

Global Supper Club: Italian Edition

The global supper club continues! Our group stopped in Italy last week, all the way at Lauren’s house. She spent the last year in Bologna, so she nabbed Italy from the start. And what did she make? Fresh pasta with bolognese sauce, of course! It was so delicious. I found the perfect group of friends- they can each make magic in the kitchen. I was fresh off a pizza-making high, so I brought a neapolitan-style margarita. Here are some of … Continue reading