Global Supper Club: Italian Edition

The global supper club continues! Our group stopped in Italy last week, all the way at Lauren’s house. She spent the last year in Bologna, so she nabbed Italy from the start. And what did she make? Fresh pasta with bolognese sauce, of course! It was so delicious. I found the perfect group of friends- they can each make magic in the kitchen. I was fresh off a pizza-making high, so I brought a neapolitan-style margarita. Here are some of … Continue reading

Gougères: Puffed and Refreshed

If you need a last-minute holiday hors d’oeuvre, this is it! I have made gougères many times before, but my standard recipe has proven less reliable than I would like this time around (think smoke alarms and wasted cheese). Because I love gougères so much and make them so frequently, an inconsistent recipe is completely unacceptable. This improved version of the recipe does a better job of conforming to “pastry” standards, and it produces extra puffy and consistently reliable snacks. … Continue reading

Global Supper Club: Indian Edition (and Spiced Basmati Rice)

Many, many, many months ago, I read a story in Real Simple about a group of friends that has been having monthly dinner parties for many, many, many years where each meal features food from a designated country. I loved the article and the idea because it gave the friends an excuse to see each other regularly throughout the different phases of their lives and to cook and eat together. Those things are important to me too, and I thought … Continue reading