Refreshing Watermelon Slushies

My mom has been going on and on and on about watermelon smoothies for weeks. She’s obsessed! I am also a huge watermelon fan and love gorging on it, and I even enjoy watermelon juice when I’m on vacation. But I’ve never had a watermelon smoothie. I finally whipped up a batch after the third consecutive conversation where my mom asked if I’d tried one yet. And I must say, mama knows best! This watermelon smoothie is more of a … Continue reading

Iced Coffee Redux

I’ve shared my method for cold-brewing iced coffee with you before, but let’s do it again, this time with better pictures and better coffee! My sister brought back a bag of delicious, sense-tickling coffee beans from Costa Rica. Their powerful smell perfumes the air, begging us to indulge. In order to combat DC’s oppressive heatwave, I’ve been grinding these coffee beans before bed, brewing them overnight, and pouring the dark elixir over ice to keep my spirits high during my … Continue reading

Starbucks-Style Passion Iced Tea

I love drinking Starbucks’ iced passion teas. But on days when I don’t feel like going to Starbucks or if I feel like drinking more of it than they sell in a serving, I can make my own. It is very easy, and it rewards me with refreshing hydration. Starbucks makes their tea from Tazo’s passion tea bags, so just buy a box of those. Then, fill a pitcher with water and add a few of the tea bags to it. … Continue reading