Keurig-Brewed Passion Iced Tea

Last summer, I shared my method for cold-brewing Tazo’s tea bags to make an at-home cup of Starbucks’ passion iced tea. That method works just fine, but it takes quite a few hours to complete. I came home from walking Stella on a particularly muggy afternoon, and I knew that I needed a glass of it immediately. So I found a way to make passion tea even faster! Unfortunately for some, this method is most efficient when made with a … Continue reading

Starbucks-Style Passion Iced Tea

I love drinking Starbucks’ iced passion teas. But on days when I don’t feel like going to Starbucks or if I feel like drinking more of it than they sell in a serving, I can make my own. It is very easy, and it rewards me with refreshing hydration. Starbucks makes their tea from Tazo’s passion tea bags, so just buy a box of those. Then, fill a pitcher with water and add a few of the tea bags to it. … Continue reading

Tea Time

Everything about tea is good for the soul. Brewing a cup of tea becomes therapeutic when you watch the fresh-smelling leaves and flowers unfurl their wisps of color into the hot water that envelops them. And all the care you put into brewing is repaid many times over as soon as your cup cools enough for the first sip to moisten your throat and warm you from the inside out. Exhale… now excuse me, I think my tea kettle is … Continue reading