Butternut Squash and Ricotta Gnocchi

This gnocchi is delicious, and it is so much easier to make than traditional potato gnocchi. You can make this gnocchi without creating a huge mess, and it is fun to eat too. I loved everything about them, especially getting to experiment with different sauces. Sage is the best match for these flavors, and you can use it a couple of different ways. I have found it easier to make gnocchi in smaller batches, so this recipe makes about 3 … Continue reading

Fragrant and Cheesy Vegetable Lasagna

This is not your traditional lasagna, and I like it even better. It is layered with butternut squash, garlicky spinach, and nutmeg-scented ricotta. Add some browned mozzarella cheese on top, and I’m in heaven. I love this lasagna so much because it is interesting to eat. Every bite can be a little different depending on what you get on your fork. The nutmeg fragrances the entire dish and unites the different flavors, but it is not overwhelming at all. It … Continue reading

Happiest Pasta and Cheese Moment

I ate one of the best Italian meals of my life (at that point) at a restaurant in Amsterdam called Italia Oggi. We moseyed on over after the restaurant we were trying to go to was booked, what luck! I ordered parmesan pasta, and the next thing I knew, the waiter wheeled over a cart with an enormous wheel of parmesan cheese on it. He dumped my noodles onto the cheese, ignited them, and began mixing them around. Then, he … Continue reading