Miss Madeleine’s Kale Gratin

I was effectively ejected from the Global Supper Club after moving to Philadelphia, but its recipes live on in my heart and my kitchen. This decadent kale gratin was one of the stars when our group prepared a Friendsgiving feast, and I made it this year when I hosted my family. Yes, that means I finally got the chance to roast a whole turkey (so easy- like cooking a big chicken), but I’m not sure it’s even worth sharing a … Continue reading

Sweet Apple Noodle Kugel with Pickled Raisins

Sweet noodle kugel is a traditional comfort food that I always look forward to, because the crispy, crunchy noodles on top are so delicious and fun to pick off. But noodle kugel deserves to be eaten in its entirety, and that’s where I decided to break with tradition (and my grandma’s recipe). Sweet kugel is typically made with canned or dried fruit- not the most popular ingredients. This version uses fresh, sautéed apples and (surprise!) raisins that are plumped and pickled in … Continue reading

Classic Pantry Waffles

Most of the reasons why I was excited to find a real house involved the kitchen. A gas oven. Natural light for taking pictures. Storage space for all of the appliances I never could justify hoarding before. Fortunately, our new home meets these criteria, even if the basement is rapidly filling with shelves of serving dishes, grilling accessories, and…appliances that I can just barely justify hoarding. A waffle maker made the cut, and photographing my breakfast bounty bathed in natural … Continue reading