Pomegranate Gin & Tonics + Herb & Lou’s Mixology

Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with gin. It was probably around the time that I popped over to Green Hat Gin for a distillery tour, bought a bottle with my friends, and made some tiny, fantastic cocktails. I’ve made the bee’s knees countless times since then, but not frequently enough. For starters, my kitchen storage is less than ideal, and I can’t reach my cocktail shaker without a ladder (really). It also takes some effort to gather ingredients … Continue reading

How to Open a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are the perfect snack for the times when you’re not really hungry but want something to do. For example, I frequently eat pomegranate seeds while watching the Biggest Loser to combat the strong urge that show inevitably gives me to eat. When I first picked up my pomegranate habit, I experimented with a lot of different ways of cutting into it. It’s not good to cut right through a pomegranate because a lot of the seeds will pop and … Continue reading

Apartment Gardening

I have always loved growing plants, but caring for them while living in a city has been a true challenge. Especially because my apartment receives NO direct sunlight. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying! Whenever I eat an exceptionally delicious fruit, I try to grow its seeds. I’ve done this semi-successfully with both oranges, pomegranates, and potatoes, especially with the help of this book. I’ve also purchased seeds to plant. Strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, and little sequoia trees were all … Continue reading